How Do You Create Great Thought Leadership Content In The Asset Management Space?

Published: 28 June, 2019

Thought leadership is a very effective marketing tool and this applies as much to asset management as any other sector.

When trying to create thought leadership content, it’s best to come up with ideas in a group – rather than do it yourself – as this will give you a better perspective on what may and may not work. So, your first step should be to host an ideas session to brainstorm possible topics and get insight into what may be troubling, interesting or intriguing your potential and existing investors, as you should base your content around what is most relevant to your target market. You should have these brainstorming sessions at least once a month, and include members of both your sales and marketing teams in the discussion, to help you create and send out a steady stream of interesting and engaging thought leadership content that is relevant to your fund. This approach also ensures that you don’t leave topic generation to the last minute and having to rush something through that may not be right for your audience.

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