Published: 21 June, 2019

Does The Advent Of AI Mean You Must Shake Up Your Fund Marketing Team?

Artificial Intelligence offers incredible potential to the fund marketing sector, but for it to be truly successful you must make changes in your team. That’s because implementing and running artificial intelligence is no easy task. It involves highly complicated technology that demands the attention of an expert in the field.

These changes aren’t about sacking people – there will still be plenty of work to do. Instead, you need to add a person to your team – a data scientist, someone who explores data, makes predictions and finds structure. Typical tasks for a fund marketing data scientist include measuring (to determine marketing and ad campaign impact), experimenting (to test what works and what doesn’t), communicating (to explain how results derived from data can lead to better decisions), segmenting (identifying groups and subgroups of prospective and existing investors), and modelling (improving response rates through predictive computer models).

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