Does It Pay To Be Original With Your Fund Marketing Content?

Published: 7 May, 2019

Originality can pay off in fund marketing, but not always. And, in fact, it can be dangerous – as when you try something new you’re using untested themes that may not attract investors.

The other, safer, and generally more profitable option, is to copy your competition. Instead of racking your brains to think of clever and original content – just look at what is already doing well in your sector and work out how it is persuading people to invest. Then you copy it, as it’s far better to base content on what has been proven to work, than what you think might work. Obviously you can’t copy content word for word – that would be illegal and also counter-productive, because you need it to be specific to you. But there’s nothing wrong with adapting the concept of the good stuff out there. Just make sure you do it differently, and better.

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