Published: 27 July, 2016

The Digital Journey of Investors. Part 3 – Connecting with Investors

Once you have implemented the digital awareness campaign for raising assets, the next step is to look at how we can connect with potential investors.  In a practical sense, this means developing questions that demonstrate that we have done our homework and understand their investment strategy, challenges and opportunities.  Worryingly, it is more than commonplace to run every meeting in the same format, with the same message, the same questions and the same tired pitch-book.  This is not what the most successful performers in our space are doing.

To connect with a potential investor, we need to demonstrate – in person or digitally – that they can learn something from talking to us today.  And each and every time we interact with them.  By doing this, it allows you to become their trusted advisor by helping them to understand the problems and potential areas they have overlooked or where they have missed opportunities.

It is essential that you take a team approach to meetings with clients.  It is essential to study each client and each meeting with them to determine the best approach for your pitch.  If we were in their shoes, what would we need to know?  What is the motivation for working with our fund?  And here is the hardest bit – we have to believe that there is a compelling reason or two for each potential to invest in us.

When connecting with potential investors, we always need to look for ‘Investor Verifiers’ and always drive for them. Verifiers are fluid over time – they are flexible and not rigid.  We should always adjust and work on them to ensure they are fit for purpose.

The next steps are convincing and collaborating.

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