ROI in Digital Marketing – what is stopping it?

Published: 24 August, 2016

When we at ProFundCom have quizzed prospects and clients, different teams have very different views of what goes into determining ROI.

Digital ROI is a combination of:

• Analytics
• Insights
• Actions

These elements are then distributed from the marketing team to the sales team via reports or from within a CRM. We have found that whilst most sales and marketing teams have varying levels of understanding on these various concepts, there was a clear distinction between what the teams understood as the core elements to focus their efforts on.

From ProFundCom’s own research, there are two things that stop any of this:

• Sales and marketing teams with non-aligning objectives
• Poor systems and processes to distribute the information to the right people

There has always been the promise for:

• Cross-referencing individual close leads back to marketing efforts
• Calculating campaign success by channel and initiative
• Connecting your marketing efforts to your sales data

But without clear objectives and giving sales teams the right information at the right time, this will never happen. Ah and yes, we have to hope that people will actually read the information.


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