A webinar that is worth a replay – Top tips for finance marketers

Published: 29 August, 2013

Today, any marketing activity in financial services is a delicate balancing act.
The financial services marketer has to flex his/her creative muscles to deal with an environment of increased product complexity, competition and regulatory compliance. Content and thought leadership is increasingly used as a tool to reach out to prospects effectively.
ProFundCom, a leading consultancy on email marketing to the financial community, will be hosting a webinar on how to leverage readily available content to enhance your marketing efforts.
Featuring a B2B content marketing expert, the webinar will provide insights on:
• What is the biggest financial marketing struggle?
• Leveraging content that already exists within your organisation
• Developing a single voice across different divisions
• Types of content and when to use them
The webinar will shed light on top 10 ways to increase engagement with your prospects and boost deliverability for marketing emails. Find out how to think like a publisher and create interesting, informative stories day after day after day.


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