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ProFundCom App Store Focuses on Digital Marketing for Asset Managers

Published: 29 September, 2013

ProFundCom, the financial sector leader in email marketing for the finance sector, has launched its very own App Store where customers can access a variety of tools designed to save time and increase the functionality of the platform. The App Store gives clients of ProFundCom the ability to add and remove functionality based on their workflow and requirements. A number of 3rd party companies will soon be releasing apps for the ProFundCom App Store including WIPRO, IBM Global Gervices and Microsoft Dynamics.

In total, there are eleven useful Apps available through the site – these also include a Report Designer that allows users to create online reports, an Event Manager that simplifies event–planning and an iCalendar Generator that allows you to easily add events and attendant details to Microsoft, Android and Apple calendars and diaries.

The innovative apps currently on offer include the Microsite Designer – a powerful app that enables even the most technophobic user to quickly create striking and user-friendly microsites featuring event invitations, fund documentation, location maps and more. Also available is the ProFundCom Meeting Manager, which will be a Godsend for busy managers and sales teams. The app simplifies schedules by allowing colleagues and business contacts to access an online hub that shows when you are busy and when you are available, then submit a meeting request based on that information which is ideal for conferences and road-shows. Another fantastic app on the Appstore is the Invitation Designer, which allows users to quickly and easily design invitations for presentations, meetings or events, which can also be linked to payment systems if payments are required.

“We constantly strive to make life easier for our customers through greater functionality and the App Store provides a fantastic platform for the variety of new services we have introduced,” says Richard Morris, Marketing Manager at ProFundCom. “All the apps have been designed as a result of client consultation – our customers have told us what they want to achieve and we have built these apps to help them, so each one will save effort, time and money.”

To visit the ProFundCom App Store simply follow this link.

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