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ProFundCom releases two new apps – iCalendar and Outlook Calendar generator

Published: 28 July, 2013

As an ongoing commitment to increase the ProFundCom app eco-system, ProFundCom has released 2 new apps. The new apps which generate ical (Apple) and ics (Microsoft) files, give the ability for ProFundCom users to automatically insert events into people’s calendars. This development has been as a direct request of managers and investor communication members of the LinkedIn group (Email Marketing for Asset Managers and Hedge Funds), who were finding it extremely difficult to create these files using traditional methods which meant logging into 2 systems.

“The ProFundCom App eco-system gives our clients the ability to extend the functionality of the ProFundCom platform in a way that suits their processes and the way they want to communicate to investors and prospects. The ProFundCom platform is committed to supporting this community with apps that are developed by our clients, and our own development team via the PFC APP API,” explained Paul Das, founder and managing director of ProFundCom

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