The Use of Social Media by Hedge Fund Managers

Published: 7 December, 2011

The MHP Hedge Funds and Social Media Survey 2011 (the survey used Bloomberg’s The World’s 100 Richest Hedge Funds survey of February 2011 as its base and focused on the 77 hedge fund managers for whom hedge funds are a core part of their business) carried out by U.K. PR firm MHP Communications, has discovered exactly what one would expect – hedge funds are largely ignoring social media. Indeed, it found that 8% of the 77 hedge funds surveyed – all of which had at least $1bn in assets under management – were still without a corporate website, let alone a Twitter feed or a Facebook wall. Facebook was the most shunned. None of those surveyed had a Facebook profile and only one had an active Twitter account . However, 23 % had an active presence on LinkedIn.

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