“ProFundCom engages the RIGHT investors with the RIGHT message” – hedge fund marketing expert, Bryan Johnson.

Published: 4 December, 2011

Bryan Johnson, the Managing Partner of Johnson & Company recently commented that ProFundCom was essential for managers to raise in-flows in the current economic climate. Bryan said, “ProFundCom optimises a fund’s ability to meet the most important aspects of marketing and fundraising: appropriately, efficiently and intelligently engaging the RIGHT investors with the RIGHT message. Intelligent marketing and efficient fundraising are now mandatory for hedge funds to succeed, which means being better informed and more strategic in engaging investors. ProFundCom delivers critical quantitative and qualitative information that can compress the allocation process and deliver AUM more expediently. ProFundCom’s products and services are vital components to successfully meet the challenges of demanding investors and a hyper-competitive, capricious marketing and fundraising climate.”

“”ProFundCom has been built for hedge fund managers by the team at ProFundCom that are all from an alternative or asset management background. As a result the ProFundCom platform meets all the reporting and compliance requirements of our industry. ProFundCom reports back how your communications are being received, offering insight into its effectiveness. Reports are filtered by salesperson, emails opened, read, printed, forwarded, website accessed and attachments opened – providing market leading communication analytics, lead scoring and marketing automation. ProFundCom gives you the ability to track deeper levels of prospects and investors in your funds by tracking prospect engagement and investor engagement.”, said Paul Das. Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom, “and we are delighted these features have been recognised by Bryan Johnson and his team”.

About Bryan K. Johnson

• We fill a distinct void in the marketing and fundraising needs of small hedge funds.
• We have 20+ years experience, specialized skills and the resources to help small hedge funds achieve success in marketing and fundraising.
• We combine rigorous analysis of high integrity data, research, consultative candor, passion, experience, strategic thinking and talent with qualitative and quantitative marketing methods to help small hedge funds GROW AUM.
• We know “WHAT IT TAKES” for a small hedge fund to not only survive but thrive and succeed as a business.
• We are the ONLY independent firm solely dedicated to delivering experienced, professional, intelligent, objective, conflict-free, client-focused marketing, fundraising and operational advisory services to small hedge funds.
The basic truth of hedge fund marketing and sales: It’s ALL about quantitative and qualitative relationship communication. As a fund marketer you heard this before “it’s a numbers game and a contact sport”. Games and sports are ruled by numbers. Ask anyone that belongs to a fantasy sports league how important NUMBERS are! But running a hedge fund is business not fantasy and the numbers have real-world, serious implications. Getting behind the numbers is critical. It’s necessary to get HIGH integrity data (i.e. “believable” numbers) to develop and execute strategies that intelligently and efficiently attract, retain and expand AUM. Bad numbers lead to the use of inappropriate resources and ineffective approaches, which result in frustration, disappointment and discouragement. If RIGHT things don’t get measure, the RIGHT things don’t get done. By tracking all sales and marketing activity, from introduction to allocation and measuring the results of each discrete step of the selling process, a fund can constantly refine its sales and marketing intelligence. This enables marketers to know with confidence:

• which prospects are interested.
• where are the immediate selling-opportunities.
• which contacts are best placed to target sales effort.
• what type of communication is working.
• how are contacts engaging with your communications.
• what affects the success of a marketing campaign.

Top fund marketers can answer ALL of the above questions, ACCURATELY, at any given moment. Can you?

99% of the small funds we’ve dealt with over the years don’t monitor and measure their marketing and fundraising efforts. It’s not surprising that those funds don’t GROW AUM and don’t survive. Without knowing exactly WHO they are contacting, how MUCH they are contacting them and the efficacy of WHAT they’re doing, the probability of growing AUM is extremely low. As a caveat: If you do not know who you are contacting and the depth of your relationships as a result of your marketing, don’t begin fundraising.

Gathering and analyzing data of your email campaigns is efficient and easy with ProFundCom. Their tools and resources expediently and efficiently bring discipline and structure to your email marketing by yielding, reports that can be filtered by salesperson, emails opened, read, printed, forwarded, website accessed and attachments opened, which provides market leading communication analytics, lead scoring and marketing automation. ProFundCom gives a fund the ability to create deeper relationships by tracking prospect and investor engagement, which is why we endorse ProFundCom as the best-of-breed in email communication and marketing.
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