Published: 4 September, 2019

The Month in Digital Marketing for Finance – August 2019

Here is the latest ‘Best from the Web’ for digital marketers in finance for the month of August.


Digital Client Engagement (DCE) Summit 2019.

As the name suggests, this event places heavy emphasis on how digital means can help investment managers best engage with institutional clients, making it an unmissable conference for firms that want to expand their capabilities in client experience.

This year’s edition will take place across two days on 10 – 11 September 2019 at the following address, close to our London HQ: The Waldorf Hotel, London, WC2B 4DD. Register here

Association of Investment Marketing – From Strategy To Distribution -The Content Journey

Addressing the chronology of strategy, content, distribution through to data considerations, this combination of talks and panel discussions will open and look to discuss key developments and potential hurdles within the Investment industry. Featuring voices from all stages of the content journey, join us for an exciting and engaging discussion around how content marketing has a key role within Marketing strategy, and the evolving role it as within data-driven decision making facing all companies. Register here


Kurtosys – The Road to Digital Maturity for Investment Managers

Digital transformation has entered almost every industry. From financial services to healthcare, enterprise-level organisations are having to rapidly adapt to the new digital landscape, or risk losing business or worse. Digital maturity is one way of gauging a company’s level of success on their road to digital transformation; and there are many factors involved in assessing this. In this white paper, we focus on five areas that from our experience play a vital role in the road to digital maturity with investment managers in mind. Read more here

PwC – Artificial intelligence and digital labor in financial services

AI is being used across the financial services industry, including robotic and intelligent process automation (RPA and IPA). Recent advancements have surprised even the most optimistic, but don’t be distracted by these bright, shiny toys. Technology should solve real business problems, and you’ll face issues such as control and governance when you plug it into your real-world operating environment. Read more here


Daniel Andrews – Is this the end of digital marketing

Daniel Andrews, founder and CEO of the tree, considers whether Calvin Klein CMO Marie Gulin-Merle was right to make this claim. When the CMO of Calvin Klein, Marie Gulin-Merle, told Google recently that it was “the end of digital marketing”, I knew what she was trying to say. In fact, I’d been saying something similar for years: in an ever-more integrated world, there’s a danger of siloing digital as if it has some kind of magical quality. Read more here


ProFundCom Whitepaper: Four Digital Marketing Trends That Will Help You To Raise Assets

Fund marketing is changing. Thanks to technology, the way firms interact with clients and prospects has altered dramatically. Also, due to the vast amount of information and digital channels out there, what investors want has also changed. Download whitepaper here.

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