How ProFundCom Clients Are Raising AuM Through Automation

Published: 10 September, 2019

At ProFundCom we help our clients to raise assets through better digital marketing.

And we are often asked how successful our existing clients have been in using automation, and AI and machine learning to boost AuM.

So, here’s just a few examples of how ProFundCom customers are raising assets through Automation:


One important way we see clients using automation is through what is known as ‘reporting automation.’ This, as the name suggests, refers to automatic reports that analyse four critical areas: how many new prospects are interacting with your marketing material, how many of those are active, how many have been reached out to (via email etc), and – most importantly – how many of these new touchpoints have actually translated into an asset raising opportunity. The last metric is the most important, as it enables you to measure marketing roi.

But all this information doesn’t just sit in one place. Our clients use ProFundCom to take information from websites, email, social media accounts, and investor portals, and bring it all together in one place – then drill down into the data to establish who are the most active prospects, and thus the best people for sales teams to be targeting.

Our customers are also using ProFundCom’s ability to automate emails to attract more people to events, both online and offline. This is because ProFundCom can simply resend invitations to people who have already been invited, but haven’t registered. This is boosting attendance by as much as 50%.

Clients are also introducing another element of email automation by finding people within a database who have previously expressed an interest, then introducing a drip campaign to spark engagement once again.

The last way our clients are benefitting from automation is by using ProFundCom API to generate all their factsheets and email templates, by connecting directly to data sources to extract the necessary information. This turns a manual and very labour-intensive process into something truly automatic, thus saving a huge amount of time, effort and money.

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