The Last Month in Digital Marketing for Finance – May 2019

Published: 15 May, 2019

Here is the latest ‘Best from the Web’ for digital marketers in finance for the month of May.

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Fund Marketing Network – Video Content: Plan your strategy, be creative & get a return on investment.

Video is the most effective medium for marketing, compliance matters and employee engagement, allowing you to reach your various audiences and easily track their interests, habits and understanding. Wealth and asset managers are no strangers to use of video, with many producing videos featuring fund managers giving fund updates and outlooks. Hosted by Simon Crofts, Video Producer and Strategist at Big Button, this lunchtime session, will look at how wealth and asset managers can break the mould and create a video strategy, then produce and distribute video content to clients and prospects that they actually want to watch. Register here


Moz – How Often Does Google Update Its Algorithm?

In 2018, Google reported an incredible 3,234 improvements to search. That’s more than 8 times the number of updates they reported in 2009 — less than a decade ago — and an average of almost 9 per day. How have algorithm updates evolved over the past decade, and how can we possibly keep tabs on all of them? Should we even try? Read more here


Kurtosys – Has there really been no change in asset management?

Another year, another conference season. Yet, it feels sad to report that nothing much – if anything at all – seems to have changed in asset management. It is now over a decade since the last financial market crisis; whilst history suggests we are due another one in the coming decade, my fear is that it won’t be a crisis that catches up with us, but signals the possible disappearance of an entire industry as we know it. Read more here.


ProFundCom Whitepaper: Four Digital Marketing Trends That Will Help You To Raise Assets

Fund marketing is changing. Thanks to technology, the way firms interact with clients and prospects has altered dramatically. Also, due to the vast amount of information and digital channels out there, what investors want has also changed. Download whitepaper here.



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