Top 10 of Swiss digital marketing campaigns of 2016

Published: 24 August, 2016

One of the questions that we get asked a lot in Switzerland is who runs the best digital marketing campaigns. Some of these are clients and some are not – but each of them are working towards using digital marketing to raise and preserve AuM as well as to reach out to Millennials.

The rating below is based on our team’s thoughts and rankings and we have just focused on what we like.

1. SYZ Group

1 syz

Likes: Disruptive, Memorable, Value-based, Millennial friendly

2. RAM

2 Ram

Likes: Depth of Understanding, Focused, Serious, Safe

3. Pictet

3 pictet

Likes: Trust, Clear, Focused

4. UBP

4 ubp

Likes: Client Focused, Service Focused, Agile

5. Vontobel

5 vontobel

Likes: Teamwork, Swiss-values

Worthy mentions

6. Mirabaud

7. Swiss Life

8. Lomard Odier

9. UBS

10. Aberdeen

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