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How To Use Data Analytics To Boost AuM

Published: 14 January, 2019

What does the word ‘data’ mean to you?

Perhaps it brings to mind basement rooms, stacked floor to ceiling with servers running obscure programmes. Or, endless reams of printed information that a team of very clever people must take
weeks to analyse. If so, it is time to think again.

Instead, when you think about data – you should see your investors and prospects. That’s because, thanks to the ever increasing technological capability available to you, data provides
highly valuable marketing insight and intelligence. It can tell you who your potential investors are, what they’re interested in, their pain points, and what they need from a product
or service. Data analysis gives you the ability to see what resonates best with your target market – both your potential clients and your existing investors – and shows you the right type of content
to deliver as they move through the buying cycle.

So, here are the three steps you must take to be able to use data analytics to boost your AuM:

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