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ProFundCom Adobe App integrates Adobe Creative Cloud

Published: 13 January, 2019

The latest App from ProFundCom integrates the ProFundCom platform to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

This means that ProFundCom clients that use Adobe Creative Cloud can search for and retrieve Adobe Stock assets such as photos, videos, and vector files. Adobe Stock offers over 45 million high quality, royalty-free images, illustrations, videos and graphics which being directly available in ProFundCom saves time and effort. This integration allows you to purchase, access and manage your images directly from your ProFundCom platform – saving you time and effort from reworks.

The advantages of Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud are

Great for comps and mock-ups 

The biggest reason why creative professionals like Adobe Stock is that it is great for comps and mock-ups. It saves you time and money from conducting your own photoshoot.

Quicker and cheaper

Generally, it takes weeks to months to coordinate and complete an entire photoshoot. It also takes a lot of money – more than what you will spend with Adobe Stock. If you want everything done and ready, you should opt for Adobe Stock photos.

Available for instant download

When working on a project, time is of the essence. That is one of the key benefits of Adobe Stock photos. You can download even the largest files very fast.

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