Published: 19 May, 2023

How AI-backed data analytics can improve your digital marketing decisions

Analysing data combines two vital parts: AI technology to comb through the information, and a human eye to turn data into actionable decisions.

 It seems absurd to think of an analyst or marketer having to cross-check thousands of documents, or to know every single contact in their CRM. This is why AI is a handy tool rather than a people-replacer; it gathers accurate insights from a swathe of data, and presents it in such a way to improve the tailoring of digital marketing efforts, as only a human can.

Once a piece of content has been posted to your website or social channel, or emailed, it’s the analytics gained from the multiple engagement touchpoints that can help decide what’s being checked out by investors according to the current market outlook.

That could produce unwieldy amounts of datasets, only able to be processed by digital means. Step in AI, which acts as an integrated function within your digital marketing platform to structure data to scale, within seconds.

Additionally, one of the best ways to visualise or identify popular searches is through indexing, which can be automated using AI too. Whichever CMS a marketer may use, being able to tag your content with relevant keywords helps segment it into categories, basically grouping together closely related-material. For instance, a thought leadership piece could mention one of your funds. With both linked under the same tag, interested contacts in that blog can discover the appropriate fund with ease, following personalised suggestions.

In order to remove forgetfulness (a normal form of human error!) AI tools can scan content and tag it accordingly before posting. Plus, seeing multiple historical interactions on similarly tagged content can inform sales teams exactly what particular investors are trying to access, or want to hear more about.

While it’s significant to track a whole go-to-market strategy, it’s a tough ask for relationship teams to identify the connected path between posted content, subsequent click-throughs, views or downloads, and if a user has become a valuable lead or customer from initial engagement.

Marketing attribution relies on advanced data analytics to gain the level of knowledge around how your campaigns are performed. Using structured data gathered and displayed using AI, it becomes easier to provide numerics and historically-mapped graphs to the board up against your inflows.

From there, successful communications are identified, as well as the blind spots which marketers should fill in to engage untapped investor potential, be it through new or tweaked email drip campaigns, topic-based webinars or videos, or otherwise.

Data is a valuable commodity, knowing what to do with it is the golden ticket. AI tools make huge waves of data a far less scary idea, instead presenting them in such a way that actionable insights can be made – informed, and intended to get the most out of your digital marketing.

There are far more benefits that AI can provide fund marketers.




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