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ProFundCom secures exclusive deal with Equipos and Integrate

Published: 2 February, 2012

ProFundCom has secured an exclusive deal with Equipos and Integrate to provide detailed client and prospect engagement to the documents generated by these market leading system.

Equipos are specialists in the asset management sector experience, insight and expertise to deliver best-in-class client communications and reporting solutions in a remarkably short timescale. ProFundCom enhances the Equipos solution by tracking the depth of engagement. For the first time marketing teams will know the effectiveness of their campaigns and the sales teams will know whom to target with cross-selling as we as new propositions.

Integrate provide integrated publishing solutions have brought their customers the ability to create highly finished publications and reports, which appear to have been designed manually, automatically. ProFundCom helps Integrates customers to demonstrate their communication, marketing and sales ROI based on the engagement statistics generated from ProFundCom.

Both companies use the ProFundcom platform so that their clients can automatically generate detailed engagement reports that can be filtered by salesperson, emails opened, emails read, emails printed, emails forwarded, website accessed and attachments opened – providing market leading communication analytics, lead scoring and marketing automation.

ProFundCom gives you the ability to track deeper levels of prospects and investors in your funds by tracking prospect engagement and investor engagement. ProFundCom provides sales intelligence identifies which prospects are interested in which products, recognises cross-selling opportunities and  qualifies leads to help create a targeted sales approach. Marketing Intelligence is provided and establishes what communications will work best in your campaign, determines how contacts are engaging with your communications and analyses what factors contribute to a successful marketing campaign.

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