4 Lessons in Marketing Financial Products and Hedge Fund Marketing

Published: 2 February, 2012

I was recently asked if, after eight years of developing the ProFundCom platform, I had any nuggets of information about hedge fund marketing and asset management marketing. After getting over the shock of someone actually being interested, I put together the following four lessons in marketing financial products according to Paul Das. Be aware of the blatant plug at the end!

Lesson 1: Get the right tools and ask the right questions

  • Find out who is interested in your funds
  • Find out who is suddenly interested in your funds
  • Find out who has never shown an interest in anything you have ever sent them
  • Find out who your cross-selling opportunities are

Lesson 2: Send your data to the right people

  • Make sure the results for marketing are sent directly to the sales team
  • Make sure the results are available in the contact view or company view in your CRM

Lesson 3: Build a process

Build a process around all your results by:

  • Calling people who are interested
  • Calling people who have suddenly shown an interest
  • Calling people who have never shown an interest – do things that will qualify them in or out of your fund or strategies
  • Calling people who may be cross-selling opportunities

Lesson 4: Use ProFundCom to find out who is really interested in your funds, but ONLY IF YOU IMPLEMENT LESSON 1, 2 and 3

Nobody else does what we do at ProFundCom – fact. However, to be successful with ProFundCom you need to collect the evidence, act on it, distribute it and build processes. If you are not going to do that then you need another product.

ProFundCom is a financial marketing and sales intelligence software platform that reports on how your communications are being received, offering an in-depth understanding of campaign efficiency.

Our platform automatically generates detailed reports that can be filtered by metrics such as salesperson, emails opened, emails read, emails printed, emails forwarded, websites accessed and attachments opened – providing market-leading communication analytics, lead scoring and marketing automation.

ProFundCom gives you the ability to see deeper levels of prospect and investor potential in your funds by tracking prospect engagement and investor engagement.

Here are some specifics on how it works:

Sales intelligence for hedge funds:

  • Identifies which prospects are interested in which products
  • Recognises cross-selling opportunities
  • Qualifies leads to help create a targeted sales approach

Marketing intelligence for hedge funds:

  • Establishes which communications will work best in your campaign
  • Determines how contacts are engaging with your communications
  • Analyses what factors contribute to a successful marketing campaign

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