Delegates at CTA Expo Enjoy Email Master Class From ProFundCom Marketing Manager

Published: 15 July, 2013

Leading expert in the field Richard Morris, Marketing Manager at ProFundCom, treated delegates at the recent CTA Expo Emerging Manager Forum in London to a talk on the strategy behind successful marketing email campaigns. Richard also revealed the secrets behind the first and possibly most vital step in any email marketing campaign, successfully avoiding the dreaded spam filter. He went on to show delegates how to boost return on investment by using the data collected through emails to target prospects with relevant follow-up sales messages.“The point of the seminar was to show delegates that email marketing does not stop when you click the send button,” explains Richard. “It is vital to understand how to avoid the spam filters and, when that hurdle has been overcome, to actually engage with the recipient. I also wanted to show how important it is to capitalise on your email marketing database by tracking what has been opened by each recipient, as this reveals information that is incredibly powerful and profitable from a sales point of view.”
Thomas Cheesman, Director at Cardwell Investment Technologies, was certainly impressed by the points Richard raised during the talk: “Richard’s presentation was a real eye-opener – I was amazed about the complexities of getting emails delivered and the talk gave me some useful takeaways to help with my email campaigns and increasing engagement,” he comments.

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