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ProFundCom releases latest Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce Integrations.

Published: 17 August, 2015

ProFundcom, the leading digital and email marketing platform in finance, announced its latest update of the platform’s integration with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

The ProFundCom integrations can access all data and functionality on the the various integrated platforms so as to provide a seamless and integrated digital marketing workflow. The Microsoft Dynamics integration means that ProFundCom can work seamlessly with asset manage and hedge-fund specific CRMs like Digiterre dCRM and FolioMetrics.

“With our enhanced integrations it is easy to integrate ProFundCom with other leading CRM and email products to create a tightly woven best-of-bread solution for your digital communication strategy – which ultimately we hope helps our clients raise and preserve AuM,” says Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director, ProFundCom.

Alan Hickman, Technical Director at ProFundCom commented, “The enhanced ProFundCom integration is an important part of our clients marketing workflow design. We are finding our clients are enjoying increased efficiency and ROI. There cases where clients have used our APIs for a completely customised integration but the enhancements have taken the best-practices and ideas and made them available to all our platform customers. ”

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