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ProFundCom releases Investor Portal App

Published: 27 December, 2017

ProFundCom has established itself as the one-stop digital marketing platform by extending the App Store to include the Investor Portal App.

The Investor Portal App offers a secure portal that provides an easy to use solution for the hosting and sharing documents with investors as well as regulated third-parties .  The portal may be branded and embedded in your corporate website as well as be integrated into your existing content management system.

The Investor Portal App extends document distribution by email so you can quickly and securely distribute the correct documents to individuals or groups. Te documents can be aggregated from multiple sources giving you a centralized hub for distribution which are correctly entitled and usage can be tracked, helping with compliance issues.

You can use the portal for both “internal” and “external” clients whether you are working with clients or trying to manage a marketing library for a global sales team.

Other feature of the Investor Portal are

  • CRM integration e.g. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Single Sign On
  • Documents may expire on the portal but remain in the repository


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