Published: 19 May, 2023

4 unique ways that AI can enhance investor engagement

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not the unwieldy supercomputer we once thought about.

Far from it; for marketers industry-wide that use automations in any way, AI technology probably underpins applications we’re all familiar with.

Fund marketers cover many tough jobs: creating content, posting it to every conceivable digital channel for investors to see, and then overseeing data to identify its impact on raising or retaining assets from new or existing business.

But if you look at AI as almost more of an ‘automation intelligence’, it’s a tool serving to automatically repurpose that gathered data and streamline your content engagement cycles, for example:

1. Data visualisation

In essence, AI works on producing a desired output. It can process an unstructured large-scale dataset, and display it through graphs and images for marketers to analyse. Multiple platforms offer dashboards to compile this structured data, making oversight for all investor information easy to consume from one place.

This could include their most popular word searches, or a detailed activity timeline for every content touchpoint. With such sprawling data displayed in a digestible manner, it instantly identifies what individual investors connect with the most, and can inform marketers about current and future engagement campaigns, or the need to update preference and subscription lists.

2. Advanced personalisation

Automated technology, including email drip campaigns, gains data autonomously which can lead to a flurry of information – some ideal, some unnecessary.

Marketers that use AI tools can use its powerful processing ability to crunch down data to such a granular level that the most prevalent data stands out among the noise. For example, one investor may frequently be reading about one thematic investing strategy: it’s obvious where their interests lie, helping fund houses to tailor their communications with said investor according to taste appropriately.

Fund distribution and sales teams will be happy to see progressing interest from potential leads, confident to connect on the phone, or notify them of your other related thought pieces or events, that they may find useful in their buying journey.

3. Sentiment tracking

Quite simply, one of our favourite AI tricks is sentiment tracking. In a digital world when a globe’s worth of data is represented online, macroeconomic factors or regional investor interest can change rapidly. It’s tough to read the room.

At least, it is unless you can use AI to understand the climate for a particular industry or jurisdiction effectively. AI tools can check for trends in your general language, tone and brand voice, which is vital to tailoring your messages effectively and emotively.

It may not be a wise move to send ultra-positive news during an economic downturn – AI can help understand whether your outbound communications (through email, social media, website, anywhere!) are pitched with market sentiment in mind.

See more about our own sentiment tracking for four industry sectors here.

4. Communicate with compliance

Regulations can be a tricky hurdle for financial marketers, subject to compliance whichever way you connect with clients.

Sense-checking is another neat trick – AI can automatically scan your intended communications before they go out, making sure your disclaimers, risk warnings and other compliance measures are all up to date. It allows peace of mind knowing there’s no legal hassle, or that emails will land in a SPAM folder.

Customer engagement ultimately leads from the marketing front. Using AI can pass the most prevalent investor details and analytics to the teams that can follow up their interest, leading to a boost in AuM.

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