Who will be the Winners and Losers in digital marketing in finance in 2018?

Published: 24 December, 2017

There is a big shift taking place within fund marketing.

Thanks to a new breed of digital-savvy investors – some who can’t even remember a time before the internet – the focus is moving away from relationship managers towards online content marketing.

Funds are now marketed over multiple digital channels, such as websites, social media, fund portals, email and digital events. Also, instant messaging – through website live-chat facilities and tools like Skype and WhatsApp – is becoming an increasingly popular medium. In fact, it’s estimated that within five years 90% of initial engagements with financial brands will come through this method.

So, things are changing – and fast.

Are you The Winner, or a loser?

And – as with any big change – there are going to be winners and losers. The losing marketing teams will be those that ignore the rise of digital and remain rigid in their outlook – failing to grasp the opportunities being presented to them. These teams don’t want to change as they feel that stooping to digital marketing could lead to loss of face. So, they stick to the status quo.

This attitude will cost them dear.

The winners, by contrast, will be those marketing teams that see this new era of digital marketing as a positive. These teams will work hard to bring all the different channels together into one cohesive strategy, with one ultimate aim of raising assets.

And these teams will win because they are able to deliver significant ROI and create alignment between sales and marketing teams, whilst – of course – remaining 100% compliant.

How to win big or as some say “big-ly”

The big winners in this new digital landscape will be those marketers that introduce process and automation into their work, so that all channels are part of an overarching strategy. And these marketers will measure each component by its ability to raise and preserve AuM (rather than the fools gold of page views, email opens etc.)

And ProFundCom gives you a massive advantage in this regard, as our software allows you to track all your digital marketing efforts through one single platform. You can see what is working – and what isn’t – and who is looking at what: the emails they open, attachments they download, web links they click, blog posts they comment on, social media posts they interact with, and more.

This allows you to pass on qualified leads to your sale team, with accompanying information that tells them exactly what the prospect is interested in, giving your reps a head start in the sales conversation.

Equally importantly, this marketing intelligence enables you to spot cross-selling opportunities with existing customers – and can flag up those who have stopped reading your content, so may be looking to redeem their investment.

Powerful stuff. And that’s why we have been in business for 15 years, with an ever growing list of funds relying on our software to boost and retain AuM.

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