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ProFundCom release three new apps on the ProFundCom App Store

Published: 1 October, 2015

ProFundCom, the leader in digital and email marketing for the finance sector, has just released several new apps onto its App Store.

The new apps are listed below and are available now:

  • Microsoft Exchange Connector
  • Email Archive Connector for Global Relay
  • BrightTalk, AssetTV and Qumu Connectors

Each app enables customers to use the ProFundCom platform through these services, subject to having the correct licencing agreements from the respective vendors.

These apps have been developed after a ProFundCom study into email and digital marketing in finance highlighted their necessity. ProFundCom clients and members of the ProFundCom User Group have also focused on the need for connector apps.

“We use the App Store to provide our clients with applications they need to get full value through extending the functionality of ProFundCom in a planned and scalable manner,” says Alan Hickman, Chief Technology Officer at ProFundCom. “This allows us to constantly improve our platform and processes and has been very well received by our clients. In fact, the App Store has consistently been voted the most useful feature by the ProFundCom User Group.”

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