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ProFundCom Product & Service Notification 28th November 2019

Published: 28 November, 2019

As a user of the ProFundCom platform, we want to notify you that there have been some changes to the platform. We will be sending these notifications every time there are updates to the platform.

Drag & Drop Editor updates
Impact: Medium
Section: Templates
Description: There have been a large number of upgrades to the Drag and Drop editor which include

  • Image Block & Double Image Gallery – These blocks have been renamed ‘Panel Gallery’ and ‘Two-Panel Gallery’. The main change is that they have been given extra options which allows for the panels to show either an image or text.
  • Buttons – The buttons previously would not show as curved in Microsoft Outlook. This update introduces VML in the generated code which allows curved buttons to display correctly in Outlook.
  • User Blocks – It is now possible to save a group of blocks, and their styling, to use later in another template. We have called these ‘User Blocks’
  • Tables – The process of pasting tables of data into text boxes has been improved. Previously when pasting new data into a table, any formatting would be overridden making updating regular newsletters difficult. We have added a button to the text-box toolbar which enables the raw data to be pasted into a table from other sources such as Excel, PowerPoint or an existing HTML table, without affecting the formatting of the existing cells.

To get more details on these upgrades please click here to access the release notes.

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