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ProFundCom extends Social Media App to include Hubspot

Published: 17 October, 2018

ProFundCom clients who use HubSpot for posting across social media channels wanted a way to push HubSpot analytics back into ProFundCom.

They were driven by the need to be able to view their social and inbound marketing activity alongside other digital marketing activities and campaigns they were running. Together with the ability to compare HubSpot analytics against other resources – website traffic, email activity, investor portals and document distribution – the teams needed to generate management reports and determine marketing RoI.

As a result, ProFundCom’s Social Media App now integrates with HubSpot and all HubSpot generated activity can now be viewed from within ProFundCom alongside other key digital channels.  Marketing teams and senior management now have a single view of their marketing RoI together with powerful reporting functions that pinpoint areas where there are opportunities to raise AuM.

The ProFundCom Social Media App is available from the ProFundCom App Store along with many more Apps that are designed to help marketing teams demonstrate RoI and look to raise and preserve AuM.

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