How To Make Your Events The Best In The Business

Published: 26 April, 2014

Events are a fantastic marketing tool as they are the ultimate in ‘permission marketing’. This means marketing to someone who has given you their permission to speak to them. This is as opposed to ‘interruption marketing’, which literally means interrupting people’s daily routine with sales messages. Examples of interruption marketing are cold calling, spam emails and telemarketing.

Both permission marketing and interruption marketing work, or they wouldn’t exist, but permission marketing is obviously more effective, especially if you are an asset manager or Hedge Fund, as you are selling to people with an expressed interest in what you do.

Events are particularly good in this regard. In fact, research shows that events convert leads into sales more effectively than any other form of marketing activity.

So, events present you with a great opportunity, but to make the most of that opportunity you have to do three things:

  • Attract people to your event
  • Make your event interesting
  • Capitalise on your event by following up afterwards and assessing what you did right and wrong

In this article we guide you through all the aspects of events and event marketing for Asset Managers and Hedge Funds, as well as showing you how ProFundCom can help.

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