Published: 29 September, 2020

Investment Content Marketing Survey and Forecast 2020

Content Marketing Survey and Forecast 2020 — Report Now Available

Just released! The latest report from Savvy Investor provides asset management marketing teams and relationship managers with specific data, practical tips, upcoming content trends and topic forecasts for engaging institutional investors. Download Report Now

Content that Converts: Engaging and influencing institutional investors

The need for — and impact of — quality investment content was highlighted during the coronavirus crisis, which brought about a watershed moment for marketing and client-facing teams within the finance industry. So we surveyed our member community to understand how institutional investors are engaging with content, asking them to share with us their preferences and expectations, and the role that thought leadership plays in their decision-making.

We also asked our in-house content experts for their top tips on how to create highly engaging, top performing content in this nuanced marketing landscape, based on the engagement data we have from thousands of white papers and pieces of thought leadership in our research database.

“Institutional investors report that white papers and in-depth reports are the most valued content type and most likely to influence their decision-making”

For teams who are beginning to execute on their Q4 marketing plans or who are scoping out 2021, we outline thematic gaps in the investment content landscape and highlight upcoming topic trends that we expect may be on the horizon in our ‘Content Forecast’. Read the Content Forecast on pages 16-19 and check out the Content Marketing Best Practices guide on pages 14-15 or download it as a standalone PDF.

Key Findings:

  • Institutional investors report that white papers and in-depth reports are the most valued content type and most likely to influence their decision-making
  • 90% prefer white papers in PDF format over webpages
  • 68% proactively use platforms to find content, showing that syndicating and promoting content is an effective marketing tool for lead generation
  • In-demand topics: ESG, Alternatives and Factor Investing

Download Report Now – Content Marketing Survey and Forecast: Content that converts (Savvy Insights, 2020)


Download Best Practice Guide Now – Best Practices for White Papers and Thought Leadership Content Marketing: Infographic (Savvy Insights, 2020)


Watch Webinar: Content that Converts Institutional Investors

Watch Ximene Weaver, Savvy Investor’s Head of Content, at the Digital Client Engagement virtual event. In this presentation, Ximene covers the key takeaways from the report including the results of the Savvy Content Engagement Survey as well as a number of content marketing best practices.

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