Published: 11 January, 2024

Six Simple Hacks For Creating And Sharing Fund Content

Marketing finds itself as the middleman. It’s not only tough to find new investors by creating and sharing great content, but also having to work out what’s hitting, and what isn’t, and proving the value of digital marketing to the powers that be.

On the hunt to validate ROI and boost AuM, oftentimes marketers have strict budgets to play with. Especially now with finances through a sieve, marketing strategy comes down to working smarter, not harder, and with less money to do it.

Luckily quality content doesn’t need to be compromised due to a lack of material or human resources. There’s help everywhere if you know where to look, from actually creating new content to finding inspiration to experimenting with new formats that appeal to existing and new clients alike.

Here are our top six hacks for fund content creators:

Recycle, recycle, recycle

You’ve spent a long time building up a backlog of content to outline your brand’s views and keep investors enlightened on a range of timely themes. What goes around comes around in financial markets, so your excellent prior pieces can be restored to a whole new receptive audience. Old content is only old if everyone in the world has read it, which is impossible!

If you’re starting content from scratch, one high-quality report or white paper can provide a range of information primed to be reformatted into infographics, three or four blog posts and blurbs for thematic email campaigns. Chunking content creates multiple touchpoints to guide interested leads across a period of time when you’ve already created the majority of the content in advance.

Not all content needs a shelf life. Evergreen content can last forever by focusing on your unchanging core investment philosophies and practices. It shows investors how you’ll act in any situation and is highly valuable.

Email automation

Automation tools can be off-the-shelf hacks to automate your nurture campaigns. Taking your armoury of recycled content, automated emails provide a breadcrumb trail of engaging thought pieces to clients regularly and build their interest along a clear storyline. Emails are distribution hacks in themselves as they can embed videos and calls to action to downloadable resources. They provide personalised ways to send investors to parts of your website they may not be aware of.


When you need to be quick on your feet, a hack to produce reactions to market news is by recording a strategist or portfolio manager’s views. Mobile phones can tape a few minutes of commentary first-hand, with transcription services available (including YouTube) to reformat it for a copywriter to craft into a short, well-structured insight to immediately post on social channels.


Artificial intelligence and natural language processing tools (NLP) can be amazing for automation but need to be used with a pinch of salt. Known for ‘hallucinating’, whereby they start to fill blanks with made-up information to fit a brief or prompt, any generated information needs expert human oversight. But as a hack to generate blog structures and draw out key pointers from larger reports, it can be an invaluable time saver.


Whether you’re looking to spell or grammar check a piece of fund communication, assess keyword analysis in your website or a blog post, or construct custom forms and templates, this is just scratching the surface of the thousands of plugins that can take over marketing basics.

Borrow from everywhere!

Even a quick Google search into creative marketing hacks can inspire marketing experimentation. Staying on top of what works for major companies with large creative teams is essential. Their ideas and techniques can usually be translated to suit any team in any industry.

With inspiration and hacks at every turn, creating and distributing content never has to be scary or time-consuming again.




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