How To Use Fund Marketing Nurturing In A Post-COVID World

Published: 15 June, 2020

In a fund marketing context, nurturing your prospects means leading the potential investors within your database towards a sale. And the best way to do this is through automated marketing activity, so you can reach a broad range of individuals with targeted content.

You can build on this by combining your automated nurturing campaigns with a process of automatic lead scoring, so you can see who has engaged the most with your content and thus is sales-qualified. And the real power from this comes when you bring it all together within a CRM, so that sales can easily access a snapshot of all the qualified leads – and see a profile of each one and the type of content they do, and do not, engage with. This is massive, as one of the hardest things in sales is knowing when a prospect is ready for a conversation. But with this type of nurturing, your sales reps have instant access to all the information they need – so not only can they see when a prospect is ready to talk, thanks to lead scoring, but they also get a snapshot of what that prospect will want to talk about, and what to avoid.

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