Published: 21 June, 2020

How To Use Fund Marketing Personas In A Post-COVID World

Marketing personas are vital, as they tell you what you need to know about those you are targeting with your marketing campaigns. Thankfully, there is a wealth of useful information about your audience waiting to be collected and analysed, which helps you build a profile – a client persona – of those who are most likely to invest with you.

At the most basic level this could be the gender split of your audience, but you can also delve deeper into buying preferences, where they live, where they were educated, which devices they like to use etc. This type of data can be gathered completely within the remit of GDPR and wider data regulations – and anonymised – so you are not breaking any rules. And when you know all this, you know the type of people you need to be reaching out to – and the type of subjects they will be interested in. This is absolutely vital to drive marketing success. And this type of technology will become increasingly prevalent – both in marketing and wider society (such as through track and trace apps) – in the post-COVID world. There are no dark arts involved here – you are purely using this data to create a prospect-centric investor persona, which shows you what your ideal client is – and is not interested in – the type of channels they use to access information, the sort of customer experience they want, the devices you need to cater to, etc etc. This technique is already widely used by companies like Amazon and Netflix to upsell and cross-sell, and is rapidly gaining credence in the financial world. That’s no surprise, as understanding what sort of content people are interested in – and how they want to consume it – gives you a lot of marketing firepower.

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