How Do You Write Good Content For Your Fund Website?

Published: 4 June, 2019

The most important thing to remember about website marketing is that people are only visiting your site to find information that’s valuable to them.

So, you must create content from the point of view of a potential investor and make sure it is relevant and helpful to them, while being careful to explain why they should invest in your fund. And as you write your content try and keep it simple and avoid too much jargon, as not everybody will understand it – unless you are likely to attract a very financially savvy audience, in which case a healthy smattering of jargon underlines your authority on the subject. In addition, try and mix up your content a bit by introducing video, audio and infographics. This gives potential investors more ways to access your content and thus encourages them to stay on your site. Finally, remember that you have no control over where visitors will enter or exit your site, thus it’s important to include both contact details and an instruction to use them on every page. Try and make it stand out by using bold text, or putting the copy in a box.

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