How Can Content Binging Boost Your Fund Marketing?

Published: 7 June, 2019

Content binging applies as much to fund marketing as it does Netflix. Because, when someone is about to make a major investment decision, they will read everything they can on the subject. And, if you’re clever, you’ll ensure they watch your videos, download your white papers, read your blogs, and digest your website.

You do this by giving bingers what they want – which is useful facts and information, rather than over-zealous sales puff. And to really make it work, you need an analytical platform like ProFundCom, which actually tracks engagement. So, when a binger is on your email list, you can see what they like and what they don’t – then facilitate the binge by sending relevant content straight to the prospect and even inviting them to events, so they become more well informed than they could through their own efforts.

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