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ProFundCom introduces Engagement Blade technology for hedge fund marketing

Published: 23 October, 2011

ProFundCom has released its’ long awaited Engagement Blade technology. This feature gives ProFundCom users the ability to track all levels of engagement of prospects, investors and clients to know how individuals are specifically

  • Involved in your marketing and branding
  • Interacting with your communications
  • Intimacy with the product and the sales team
  • Influence others and themselves in relation to investing in your funds

Integrating with all on-line communications channels such as

  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • Email
  • Websites
  • Social Media like LinkedIn and Twitter

has given previously unseen granularity into how individuals engage and precieve funds and related communications. ProFundCom’s latest platform release has compared exceptionally well with the latest research on customer engagement metrics you should be tracking. In fact, no other product was highlighted in this research – which is a vote of confidence for ProFundCom’s development team headed by Adam Wiseberg. “In a week where we are mourning the passing of Steve Jobs, it is a testiment to the man, that members of our team who worked in his long shadow in Palo Alto have kept his spirit of innovation alive in our latest version of ProFundCom.”

“How can I say something that our clients and prospects won’t like. Well here it is – If you’re not already looking at these numbers then there are most likely some serious gaps in your understanding of your customers’, investors’ and prospects’ engagement with your brand. “,said Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom, “this is the Inconvenient Truth of hedge fund marketing”

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