Published: 13 March, 2021

Creating The Best Landing Page For Fund Marketing

Content marketing relies on getting a website visitor to leave their details behind in return for some gated content – this requires well-crafted landing pages.

With people having an attention span less than a goldfish, if you can’t catch their attention it is pretty much game-over and the page will not convert. So the copy on the landing page and other words in your headline is either going to make it where people are read the rest of your content or you’re going to lose them. Make sure the headline is something bold – but short – you don’t want it to ramble on.

The second thing you need in your landing page is a visual focus – a head shot, product shot, a video – some sort of visual focus where people can put all their attention to see the moment someone goes through a headline – grab their attention with the vision

The third thing you need is to outline the features and benefits but to focus on benefits. But you don’t want to just state any benefits, you want to speak about the benefits that your investors will get from the download or taking action on the page.

The fourth is presenting a single and focused call-to-action.

The fifth and final point is to include visual proof around the fund, managers and performance.

These are five things to consider when you are building a landing page. But there are certain nuances when using them to market funds especially when you are building a content marketing strategy.

Additional checkpoints are:

  • Create a benefit-focused headline
  • Choose an image that illustrates the subject
  • Write interesting copy – tell a very brief story
  • Add a clear call-to-action
  • Only ask for what you need in the form
  • Include the lead form above the fold
  • Remove all navigation #toptip
  • Make your page works on mobile devices
  • Optimize for search
  • Remember to use a thank you page with additional links to other parts of the website

The 5 things that must be covered in all copy are:

  • Investment Strategy
  • Attitude to Risk
  • Performance
  • Compliance – Compliance – Compliance
  • Privacy Policy Link


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