Published: 14 March, 2021

How To Plan An Effective Fund Blog Marketing Campaign

When it comes to planning an effective fund blog marketing campaign, you must sit down with your marketing team and work out who is going to write them, and how you are going to present them.

If you are going to do the work in-house, try and keep blog writing to just one or two people, so they know what has gone before. And when someone new takes over blogging duties, ensure they familiarise themselves with all the content that’s already out there. And if you plan to outsource your blog writing, then it’s best to stick with one copywriter or agency. When you jump around between different writers then tone and style will change, which can be jarring for your regular readers. You must also plan how you will present these blogs to your potential investors. A good way to do this is by collecting them into a sort of blog library, with graphics and descriptions of each article, so readers can pop on and choose one they like. And make sure you have an easy to use search facility, so investors can find articles on subjects that interest them.

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