Content Marketing and Human Nature

Published: 16 April, 2017

What have I learnt from human nature recently?

That we respond better when we are being helped and feel better when we help people – try it.

So how does that help us in digital marketing?

For content to succeed, you must go beyond describing products and services to provide real value to the reader – it has to HELP them.
If people feel they’re being helped, they’ll carry on reading your content. And when they’ve finished they’ll feel grateful to your firm and, crucially, view you as trustworthy. And trust is the cornerstone of sales, as the more people trust you the more likely they are to invest in you.

But how do you know what your prospects need help with? 

The answer is to build a profile of your ideal investor. This will take some interaction between your marketing and sales teams to find those leads who interacted with content campaigns and then went on to invest. Looking at all your data should provide you with enough information to build a profile. Using tools from Excel to IBM Watson or Google DeepMind can help – or you can just use instinct.

And when you’ve got a profile you can start to create content that is focused on the interests and worries of that person.

State of the Nation

According to a recent survey carried out by marketing and communications firm Cognito, 62% of financial marketing and communication professionals say content is the biggest focus for their budgets in the next five years. That is higher than any other channel.

Yet, this survey also showed just 17% of professionals were truly satisfied with the quality of their firm’s content. In contrast, 29% were not satisfied and 53% were just somewhat satisfied.

That suggests a lot of time and money is being spent on content that isn’t doing its job properly.

This problem arises because firms often put the wrong emphasis on their content. They just create sales material, which focuses on products and services without doing the one thing that succeeds in creating quality leads, which is helping people.

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