What Makes Potential Investors Open Fund Marketing Emails?

Published: 30 July, 2020

Reports on general email habits can be very useful to fund marketers, as what people look for in emails tends to be replicated across sectors. And the number one reason for opening emails – according to a recent report by email delivery firm Twilio – is who the email is from.

Simply put, if recipients recognise the sender – they are far more likely to open an email. And this underlines how important it is for fund marketers to build an email list, so potential investors start to recognise your company name. Also, it means you have to communicate with that list regularly, so that recipients don’t forget about you. The next most important factor cited in the Twilio report is the content. So, if people see interesting and useful fund content in the preview box then they are more likely to open the email. And close after that was subject line. A good subject line will encourage investors to open your email – a bad one will see it heading for the trash file. Respondents in the report said they like interesting and informative subject lines, which present information in a fun and catchy way and that summarise what is in the email itself.

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