Published: 23 October, 2020

What Is The Best Channel For Distributing Digital Fund Marketing Content – And Why?


The best channel for distributing digital marketing material to investors is email. This is backed by a survey undertaken by ProFundCom and Greenwich Associates in spring 2020, which found that 92% of respondents favoured email over any other digital communication medium.


Communication fatigue was cited as the main reason for this as, with face to face contact out of the window due to coronavirus, people were being bombarded with Zoom calls, IMs, texts etc, etc.

Other important factors given were the ability to get more detailed content through email, being able to look at it when you want, and the ease of filing the information on your own system. Of course you can’t neglect other channels – web, social etc – as the more you get your content out there the more interest you generate, but email is the most effective.

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