What Is More Important In Fund Marketing – Human Interaction Or Technology?

Published: 2 April, 2020

The question of whether technology or human interaction is most effective in fund marketing terms is actually a false one. Because, when used correctly, technology boosts human interaction and helps raise and retain assets.

The most valuable aspect of technology in fund marketing terms is it’s enormous ability to gather and analyse data on potential and existing investors. Interaction data on any communication, or piece of content, can be gathered and analysed to provide an unprecedented level of information on your prospects – what they like and dislike and the type of content that resonates most with them. Then, when you do get to that critical stage in the sales cycle when it’s time for human interaction, your sales team should already know a huge amount about that person and so can gauge the correct way to approach the conversation. So, technology gives you the information you need to have a conversation that leads to investment.

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