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Trends from 2013…What to look out for in 2014 for the Email Marketer in Finance

Published: 29 December, 2013

In the last year, mobile opens for B2C have increased 24% (from 41% to 51% of total opens), while webmail opens have decreased 36% (from 28% to 18% of total opens). On the surface, it appears as though mobile opens continue to grow at webmail’s expense, but is that really the case? Source Litmus

The ten-percentage-point swap in the B2C environment between mobile and webmail environments points to a fascinating trend: the massive behavioral change for subscribers using web-based email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo! and Users of free web-based email services typically have IMAP access to their messages, making their email accessible from virtual any email client they choose.

However, these numbers lose their relevance for mailing list mainly filled with corporate and financial institution email addresses and content that requires downloads and analysis such as fact sheets and fund performance details. ProFundCom have found that the mobile increases have increased 3% year on year but at no detriment to the readership on desktop mail clients. In-fact the readership has actually increased on desktops this year, indicating mobile readership actually increases desktop readership and analysis.

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