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Big Data Presents No Problem For ProFundCom

Published: 23 December, 2013

ProFundCom, the leader in email marketing for asset managers and financial institutions, has introduced a powerful new tool called Engagemetric, which is designed to tackle the problems caused by ‘big data’ – the large and complex data sets that present difficulties in terms of processing, analysis and visualisation.

This latest addition to the ProFundCom platform was exhaustively tested with a number of teams in Formula 1 – an environment where accurate analysis of data is essential to improvement and success – before being introduced to the finance sector.

Engagemetric now enables users to analyse, visualise and distribute huge amounts of vital data derived from marketing campaigns. The user-friendly interface consists of a set of pre-configured reports and there is also the option to create custom reports if required. The information can then be delivered across an organisation through pdf reports, instant messages or Tweets.

Engagemetric is proving to be a huge success with financial sales and marketing teams as it provides them with the ability to spot trends in contact activity and identify cross-selling opportunities. Engagemetric is compatible with ProFundCom but also with other platforms such as Eloqua, EmailVision and Exact Target, as users of these systems have long suffered from a lack of finance sector-specific reporting but are tied in to long-term contracts.

“In our 10 years as an email platform provider for the finance sector, the industry has changed beyond recognition, with marketing and sales teams becoming increasingly reliant on analytics and reports that rely on big data, a trend that is growing each year,” says Paul Das, founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom.  “With more and more complex queries on large sets of data, we saw the need to build an integrated service that was not only easy to use, but could quickly deliver results to the relevant sectors of an organisation. Put bluntly, our customers needed Engagemetric so we built it – and everybody is delighted with the result!”

To try the power of Engagemetric for yourself, and discover the whole range of ProFundCom tools, click here for a free trial.

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