Published: 12 October, 2023

What Engagements Should A Fund Marketer Be Tracking?

We’ve established that your fund marketing efforts are all aimed at producing engagement data. But what types of engagement data is it best to be tracking?

This can be covered in these four key metrics:

Website engagement 

Getting people to leave data behind on your website can happen through gated content, newsletter sign-up, investor portals, and fund centres. Not only is this useful for analysis purposes, but it also tracks the effectiveness of your website. If engagement is low, then you know you need to make some changes and have more quality and variety on your site.

Email engagement

You can derive a lot of useful data from your email campaigns. The most basic, and least valuable, statistics are emails opened and emails read. These do serve a purpose, as if nobody is opening or reading what you send then you know you must go back to the drawing board, but it doesn’t tell you anything particularly valuable about the recipient. The real value comes with looking at emails forwarded and attachments opened. Because if somebody is going to share your email with others – and access the attachments within it – then it’s a sure sign they are taking an active interest in your fund, which singles them out as a potential investor.

Event engagement

Events – both digital and in-person – can yield lots of useful engagement data. It’s obviously good to know who has registered and attended, but the real value is in knowing those who have invited others to the event and/or watched the replay of your event (always try and record and send out a replay, as this gives you a second bite at the data-gathering cherry). It is these people who are definitely interested in your fund.

Social engagement

Social media produces a wealth of engagement data but, as with email and event data, some is more valuable than others. The most basic and least useful are views and likes. The most valuable are the comments you receive on a post and who has shared it, as these show a certain depth of familiarity and appreciation of your content and brand.

Key learning points:

  • Website engagement gives you data to analyse and also shows the effectiveness of your site
  • Email engagement can reveal sure signs of investment potential, such as emails forwarded and attachments opened
  • Event engagement reveals those who are most interested in your fund, by showing who has invited others and/or viewed a replay

Social media engagement is useful, particularly regarding those who have commented on and/or shared your posts

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