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Tainted “IP Reputations” Holding Back Financial Intelligence, Reports ProFundCom

Published: 30 November, 2012

The torrent of spam is keeping genuinely useful financial intelligence out of corporate inboxes, according to financial email specialist ProFundCom.

The problem can be easily understood, says the firm’s managing director, Paul Das. “Business-to-investor email communication increased by 17% last year. Financial institutions have had to do something to block the overload on their systems and employees’ attention. The trouble is that spam filtering systems tend to use pretty crude criteria to spot what is and isn’t relevant, and a lot of potentially valuable data is getting lost in the filters. Evidence from our own clients suggests the figure could be as high as 35%.”

Many organizations produce useful fact sheets, research, white papers and interviews, and email this material regularly to their clients (or potential clients) using their own systems or a mass market email distributor. Client email systems will readily finger the source IP address and wrongly mark it as spam.

Hugo Chamberlain, director and founder of Clearview Financial Media, says: “We send daily news alerts to WealthBriefing subscribers who have paid to receive information by email. If spam filters stop our emails getting through, our subscribers are on the phone straight away.

“Communicating with financial institutions is critical to our business, and that’s why we sought out a system that is designed around the ways those institutions actually work and actively monitors our server’s reputation,” he added.

David Hunter, marketing director at First Avenue Partners, says: ”We felt that we were not maximizing the opportunities we had within our databases. We used theProFundCom system initially to track email engagement but soon realized that we needed to improve the reputation of our IP address to stop our emails getting blocked. After three months we had increased our delivery rates by 45% and reduced undeliverables by over 97%.”

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ProFundCom is a leading email consultancy designed specifically to support sales and marketing to the financial community. With a presence in London, New York and India, the firm works with brokers, hedge funds, large fund managers, wealth management boutiques and asset managers. ProFundCom was founded in 2005 by Paul Das.

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