PXP Vietnam Asset Management implement ProFundCom and see immediate benefits in their hedge fund marketing

Published: 25 August, 2011

PXP Vietnam Asset Management have implemented ProFundCom to provide their sales and marketing team with detailed intelligence on who is interested in their funds.

ProFundCom will also replace the firm’s current emailing system and will be integrated with its Salesforce platform.

“The existing system we had in place, Vertical Response, did not provide us with detailed information on who, from where and what emails and attachments where being accessed by our prospects. ProFundCom not only gave us this information did this but emailed the results to us every morning so that we had a calling list for our sales team.”, comments Andrew Clarke, Head of Marketing and Investor Relations at PXP. “Being based in Asia we have been particularly impressed with ProFundCom’s support services which have responded almost immediately to our support and training requests.”

The ProFundCom solution was created specifically for supporting hedge fund and asset manager sales and marketing processes. It supports complex requirements including tracking and sending fact sheets, prospect activity, detailed analytics across a broad range of client communications.

“Looking at ProFundCom’s competition, they are all very much first generation email tools – pretty much where ProFundCom was 5 years ago. The difference is that they have broadened into many verticals whilst we at ProFundCom have focused on Hedge Funds and Asset Managers and in particular sales and marketing teams – and we are delighted that PXP have recognised that”, said Paul Das, founder and managing director of ProFundCom. “I am personally very pleased that our global support service has started to be recognised by our clients whom we support across all time zones, from the west coast of the US to the east coast of Australia”

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