ProFundCom increase performance of server farm and application platform

Published: 25 August, 2011

ProFundCom are in the final stages of increasing the capacity of our server farm as well as improving the speed of the reporting section of the ProFundCom platform.

“With over a trillion data points from running the ProFundCom platform from 2006, it became clear that the hardware, bandwidth and performance of the platform had become an issue – a problem of our own success. By doubling the processors on each of our servers and tripling the memory clients who are on the first phase of the migration like GLC have already seen these benefits. We will be rolling the upgrades in the next few months to the rest of our clients. We are also moving away from the LAMP architure to one based on the high performance Oracle database. I am particularly happy that the investment into this increase of our capacity has come from within the business underlying the stabilty of ProFundCom and it’s ability to invest in the platform. We look forwards to hearing feedback from our clients to see how we can improve the service.”, said Paul Das, founder and managing director of ProFundCom in an interview to CNET.

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