Multimedia Fact Sheets – the next step after pdfs

Published: 4 September, 2011

Boring boring pdfs – Everything in the fact sheet world is a pdf – and that is about it.

Everything in the fact sheet world seems to be a PDF. Throw in some pretty graphics and personalisation and that is the best most asset managers and hedge funds have to offer. However, I have seen that changes in format have minimal effect on readership and over time the readership degrades to the faithful few and automated inboxes.

Even with systems like ProFundCom to track the effectiveness of hedge fund marketing, investors and prospects need to be continually engaged in the commentary that surrounds a fund’s strategy and managers. This is particularly relevant when you want to be ‘front-of-mind’ with as many prospects as possible.

Multimedia drives engagement

The step after PDF fact sheets is multi-media fact sheets.

Multimedia fact-sheets short circuit the limitations of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and similar social networks as they put your content in an environment where you can actually track engagement, as well as giving you the ability to market to the whole community. Social networks are limited in the amount and structure of content but, by using these networks as launch points for your multimedia fact sheets, you can enjoy the best of both worlds:

  • Access to audiences from the social networks
  • Control of content and messages from your multimedia fact sheets
  • Deep analytics and tracking of content, enabling targeted investor and prospect engagement

But isn’t it all a numbers game?

Yes, it is about numbers and performance but your contacts also want to know more about the fund, the manager and their operations, both tactical and strategic. So, being able to measure engagement increases the number of prospects that will hopefully invest in your strategies at some point.

ProFundCom provides a turn-key multi-media platform for asset managers and hedge funds. With this system you can:

  • Create, distribute and track your multimedia fact sheets across your network
  • Access a platform to house multimedia factsheets on your websites
  • Have the ability to create, for your visitors and clients, a channel that delivers breaking news, valuable insights and actionable analysis on the topics that truly impact their business, around the clock no matter where you are

Here’s what it looks like:

Multimedia fact sheets are a true game-changer for asset managers. They vastly increase the engagement levels in comparison to simple PDFs – boosting the whole process, commentary and strategy around your fund.

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