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ProFundCom supports Absolute Return

Published: 21 March, 2013

ProFundCom, the trusted leader in email marketing for finance are supporting Absolute Return’s Nick Rees’ attempt to row across the Atlantic un-aided.

In December 2013 Nick Rees & Ed Curtis will take part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge ( with the aim of rowing the Atlantic Ocean, unaided, in an attempt to raise £250,000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer( Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a national UK charity and the leading breast cancer research charity globally. They support over 250 top scientists in the UK and are at the cutting edge of understanding the causes of this disease, as well as developing effective treatments.Breakthrough need £10m+ each and every year to fund their research.

Nick & Ed’s challenge stems from the fact that Nick’s wife, Ellen, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, aged just 33. There were virtually no symptoms, no family history, and Ellen’s
age profile was considered ‘low risk’. And yet the cancer struck without warning or discrimination. The focus of the challenge is thus:

• To raise awareness and contribute to finding a cure for breast cancer, a disease which could, shockingly, affect 1 in 8 of your female employees.
• To highlight the fact that this is not just a female disease.
• To use the rowing project as a teaching aid for schools across the country as a way to ‘bring learning to life’.

Every penny raised goes directly to Breakthrough Breast Cancer as we are seeking corporate sponsorship separately to cover the costs of the challenge. We have also already bought the boat that won the race in 2011 at a personal cost of £33,000, so there is no going back now!

For more information please support the effort at

Twitter: @Atlantic_row
Facebook: Breakthroughatlantic (

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