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ProFundCom Product & Service Notification 19th May 2019

Published: 19 May, 2019

As a user of the ProFundCom platform, we want to notify you that there have been some changes to the platform.


New Interface for the Email Preview
Section: Templates
Description: We have enhanced the look and feel of the Email Preview so that it is easier to navigate. New features include the ability to see landscape and portrait mode on supported devices as well as the ability to scroll between devices when viewing an email preview. A screenshot of the new interface is available here.

Support Form
Section: Core Platform
Description: Currently the ProFundCom support response averages 6 minutes. However, we have received feedback that the number of touches an issue requires can be excessive. To resolve this we have changed the support form where you can now request a call back, a screen share and indicate your required time-frame for the resolution of the issue.

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